Annalise van Rensburg 

Grew up in the home of one of South Africa’s famous artists, Adriaan Boshoff.

As a little girl She was confronted with the after life, heaven and hell, with her father dying of lung cancer she embarked on a journey searching for God, and the answer to where she would be going after life. Her desire for God led her to a Pentecostal Bible School, were she met her husband, Kobus van Rensburg. Together they started ministry in veda land as missionaries before following their vision of starting a church in the north west of south Africa that is world known today.

In due time Kosie (James), Johan (John) and Petrus (Peter) were born, and they grew up in and into the ministry, mentored and trained in the ways of God through that special relationship Kobus had with our sons.

On 21st December, 2013, after 34 years in ministry, her husband, prophet Kobus, went to be with the Lord.

At present she has her own ministry (Devine Connection) traveling across the world and also in africa with her home based in stilfontein and still function with Spirit Word Ministries which is currently under the leading of her eldest son Kobus van Rensburg jr.

 She is also the dean of the Spirit Word Bible school and grandmother of four girls.