Jesus is King. I am in love with Jesus Christ. To me He is everything. This relationship is what I want others to experience. My life has been touched by God when He filled me with His Spirit in 2000 at university. Since then I wanted to know Him more. Jesus has touched my life through His chosen ministers as well. Prophet Kobus van Rensburg and Prophet Marnes Nel was the two men God used most in my life. I received mercy and grace, and I was imparted to minister the love of Christ to the world. Now I preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, and minister the power of God.


I believe that Jesus Christ lives in every believer. In our services you will learn what you need to know to experience Jesus and bring Him to others. This is all you need. Jesus in us will change the world through us. He is wonderful. I believe He is gracious and compassionate. I believe Jesus is not angry at the world, but that He loves the world. The church needs to stop trying to change themselves, and start believing in the blood of Jesus, and start operating in the immense power Christ has given to the church. I believe in signs, wonders and miracles, and I believe it is given to every believer to preach the Gospel and heal the sick and raise the dead. Laying hands on the sick is not an option. We need to hear and do. The days of excuses and cop-outs are over. We need to stop refusing His instruction and in simplicity go and bring love and light to the world.


We have unbroken fellowship with Jesus, and we live a life of constant worship, always ready to destroy sickness anywhere we go. I believe that Love casts out all fear. This is our aim, to destroy all things that bring fear by pouring out the love of Christ on the unlovable. The darkness has never overpowered the light.