Bobby was raised in a drug infested and violent family with a father who was an alcoholic and a mother who had him when she was very young.

He got into a lot of trouble growing up.   He was kicked out of 6th grade for dealing and using drugs.  

He had a choice of prison or the military.  He chose the military.  God used the military to clean up his outward appearance.  

And he learned he could succeed and accomplish what he put his heart and mind to.  

Surviving many missions of combat he is very grateful to be alive.  

After coming back from war he returned to drinking and drugs.  

One morning when his daughter was 3 years old she came into the room where he was.  

She had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other and spoke the words he will never forget, "Daddy I want to be just like you."  

Bobby swore he would never be like his mother or father.   He realized when his daughter said those words that he was heading down the road of becoming just like he said he never wanted to be.

A local church had been bringing his young daughter to and from church for a couple of months.

That morning he got dressed and went to church.

After the service was over and a worship song filled the place, God drew him to the alter.  

That is where Bobby was dramatically saved.   God told him He would be his mother, his father and his every need; To live from Him and not for Him.  He then called Bobby to preach the gospel and to use what he had been through to those who would relate.  

To show the same love, mercy and grace He showed him.